Squad: focus on communication and teamplay

Combat realism is delivered in this contemporary shooter by leveraging huge environments, massive player counts and facilitating next level teamwork by providing deep opportunities for teamwork.


About the game

Your teammates matter

Squad has a way of underlining the value and joy of great communication; methodically progressing yourself and your squad through various deadly environments using your voices to survive and dominate delivers thrills unlike many other titles. A responsive and passionate group of developers that grew out of a realism based community add further value to the evolving experience that is Squad.

Our Competitions

Realism-based games might not immediately strike everyone as opportunities ripe for competition but there is an inherent fact that supports this thesis: every round has a winner. We found that the depth that this title offers was actually perfectly suited for developing our Conscripted Combat concept with Rebound Gaming Network, further strengthened by embracing the myriad of personalities within the community and highlight different ways of structuring approaches within the Squad gaming platform. We built competition that, as a rule, relied on players ability to communicate with new people in a hyper inclusive environment unlike any other in esports: team-based competition that is open to the public. We encourage all players, team-affiliated or otherwise to check out what we've done and are looking forward to announcing a third season of Conscripted Combat.

Conscripted Combat Season 1

Combining geo-based map selection and filling public servers was how the whole thing started.

Conscripted Combat Season 2

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In this expanded single mission, 2-3 sides must fight to maintain power on the island of Stratis by protecting their assets and taking control over key locations throughout the terrain.

Conscripted Combat Season 3

There's been a lot of additions to Squad since the last season, we seek more admins to write the next chapter of Conscripted Combat!

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The best way to play is together, connect to our Discord and interact with like-minds: our network includes players, designers, programmers, admins and much more; all interested in next-level game experiences!

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Game facts

Developer Offworld Industries
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Release date December 14, 2015
Daily avg players ~6,000
Store page [steampowered.com]
Subreddit r/joinsquad

Our Admins

Seeking Admins
Seeking Admins

We're looking for experience-focused organizers that would like to join the TWL team and host more Squad Conscripted Combat events

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