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A network for teams and gamers to play organized games

Team up with and/or against other players in ladders, leagues, one-offs and gaming nights. TWL was designed to work with communities and provide additional structure (and a place to compete) for the games we want to play.

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Winter 2022 Update

We talk a little bit about software, Battlefield 2042 and more regarding TWL this winter of 2022
February 7, 2022

Posted by: dox

The core continues to grow

The snow blanketing the northern hemisphere hasn't slowed progress on our software development front: we've added more servers, an authentication stack, expanded support for different competitive rule structures, nesting and media widgets that visually tie it all together. We've also reworked the CMS side of things and a new paradigm is in place for creating and displaying managing news articles.

Battlefield 2042 not as planned

With the release a few months behind us and crowds with pitchforks driving the ratings of the title down it's relatively safe to say that our planned soft launch for BF2042 has been seriously impacted by these external forces. Though we still believe there's huge potential for something like "Portal" and look forward to the maturation of the title, it appears that player enthusiasm has taken a hit for the game and we're left looking at the entire Battlefield franchise and their related communities in hopes of finding a good alternative while we wait for improvements.

We're looking to increase staff

Our mission is to deliver a positive, competitive community environment; in order to do that, we rely on community members to assemble and run leagues, ladders and events for their favourite games. We provide the infrastructure, support and experience to make it happen - if you're a writer, developer, designer, event organizer, former admin, team leader, etc. and are interested in helping out please check out our <NuxtLink to="/admin>admin page for more details and instructions on how to apply.

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