Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042: Modern Combat Returns

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the seventeenth installment in the Battlefield series.


About the game

Class-based, combined arms combat

Select a specialist and enter a futuristic fight against the enemy! Enjoy the return of levolution as cities crumble along with other features such as air-dropped vehicles, on-the-fly weapon customization and weather effects which will require that you make the most of a wide variety of gadgetry placed at your fingertips. With seven maps at launch and support for 128 players on PC, the 17th installment of Battlefield aims to deliver!

Our Competitions

Conquest and Breakthrough return as game modes to accompany coop multiplayer and an exciting new Hazard Zones mode. TWL is engaging the community to return with its support of the Battlefield series proividing a stable menu of events and competitions to challenge an entertain our community.

You select the battlefield

We want to hear from you! Bring yourself and your team and tell us what ladders/leagues we should be running - the discussion is in our Discord!


You may remember our years-long competitions hosting Battlefield gaming ladders that pitted 10v10 as well as 2v2 tanks and more.


Weeks-long single and double elimination leagues broken up in to seasons that will test your teams mettle are a great way to experience the game.


New to TWL: we'll be hosting unique scenarios and one-offs as well as regular gaming nights to fill your plate with entertainment in between ladder and league matches!

Get involved

The best way to play is together, connect to our Discord and interact with like-minds: our network includes players, designers, programmers, admins and much more; all interested in next-level game experiences!

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Game facts

Developer DICE
Engine Frostbite 4.0
Release date November 11, 2021
Daily avg players N/A
Store page []
Subreddit r/battlefield2042

Our Admins

Seeking Admins
Seeking Admins

We're looking for experience-focused organizers that would like to join the TWL team and host Battlefield 2042 events

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