Battlefield 4: unparalleled modern combat

A high performance public server to serve all of your needs for nostalgic BF4 excellence.


About the game

The War of 2020

Taking place during the fictional "War of 2020", The United States, Russia and China become embroiled in a violent conflict that utilizes a wide arsenal of ground and air weaponry. Featuring a robust and capable multiplayer experience, BF4 includes items that have become Battlefield staples such as commanders, spotting targets, weapon customization, bullet drop, enhanced melee, firing modes and diving underwater.

Our Server

We have launched a high performance, 32-player, CPU-prioritize, 40-tick server based out of New York to host all of our TWL friends old and new. Our administrator and community policed server is aimed more at providing an opportunity for us to experience the maps and modes that we want while also providing some assurances that, when online, we will have people keeping the play clean.

We would also like to make chances to host PUGs (pick-up games) for our community; if playing with a verified group of gamers sounds good to you (it does to us!) then please take some care to mention yourself in our Discord so that you can be invited and included!

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Come meet the other players and admins in our Discord and connect to the TWL BF4 server and get back to having fun as we await the release of Battlefield 2042!

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Game facts

Developer DICE
Engine Frostbite 3
Release date October 29th, 2013
Daily avg players ~7,000
Store page []
Subreddit r/battlefield_4

Our Admins


Gaming since 1999, Carnivore has a passion for community based competition. Originally a TWL admin and competition manager from 2001-2003, he's returned for TWL's revival to help build the back the community he was a part of some 20 years ago. Carnivore resides in the US Southeast and can be found playing PUBG, the Battlefield Series, or a host of other games in his free time.