ECO and Space Engineers Server Launch

Announcing the availability of ECO and Space Engineers game servers


Inviting everyone

Persistent servers are a great source of entertainment and usually provide fantastic collaborative opportunities. We're thrilled to share with everyone and invite them to two unique experiences that you can enjoy on your own time


Imagine starting out in a lush, forested environment full of animals and plants that you can harvest and use to improve your surroundings. Now add the threat of a meteor that is going to hit the planet in 30 days time and terminate all life unless the community can come up with technology that will prevent the disaster. Your surroundings however carry a serious challenge: everything you do impacts the overall healthiness of the ecosystem, if you're not careful you can destroy your world before the meteor does! Citizens must specialize and coordinate in order to be successful.. don't worry: this server is initially geared at beginners so everyone is welcome to try this out and learn the ropes.

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Space Engineers

This title has been around for a while, but don't let its age fool you: it's got some of the most sophisticated building environments available as you build in varying levels of gravity and situations and increase your overall capabilities with some extra clever automation.

On top of all this we have a world exclusive to offer: a bespoke creation chock-full of new planets and environments as well as plenty of references to your favourite science fiction franchises. It's unlike anything else out there and a wonderful place to challenge yourself as you build the best ships, miners, stations and vehicles possible.

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Get connected

You don't need a lot to get started, just join our Discord Server and say hello, opt-in to the ECO or Space Engineers channels in the #get-roles channel and the rest will present itself to you!

Get started and try the open challenge today



Article last updated: July 2, 2021



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