Dirt 2.0 Open H1 Championship Launched

Announcing a championship running throughout August to take home our trophy!


Go for gold and take home a real trophy

You are about to enter a challenge to top the leaderboards and walk away with a real TWL trophy by winning a deceptively grueling challenge made for great drivers: four countries, 28 stages, 31 days with hardcore damage enabled.

Get comfortable with your H1 class car

It's going to take patience and skill to bring your vehicle across the finish line as you navigate hair-raising corners and try to get the most that you can out of your otherwise humble vehicle. We're racing on:

  • Ƚȩczna county, Poland: 8 days, 7 stages
  • New England, USA: 7 days, 7 stages
  • Catamarca Province, Argentina: 8 days, 7 stages
  • Hawkes Bay, New Zealand: 7 days, 7 stages

Get the most out of the game

A brilliant hybrid of on/off line experience, DiRT 2.0 really delivers when you play this way. Join other players, compete for best times, exchange tips and share your videos to get next-level enjoyment from a competition that you can play on your own schedule!

Start your engines

We're kicking things off with relatively straight forward vanilla experience to start, as we collect more competitors our offering can broaden in to more specialized events: VR only, DLC support and more. Winners will have the option of submitting a mailing address to receive actual trophies for a limited time!

Get started by joining our Discord Server and reading more on the DiRT 2.0 page as well as the competition page that gives you all the steps you need to join!

Get started and try the open challenge today

Please note that we are not in any way affiliated with The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters"), all "DiRT 2.0", "DiRT Rally 2.0" brands and trademarks are the property of Codemasters



Article last updated: August 1, 2021



Long time gamer and community event organizer, dox has launched several esports projects throughout his career: founding international organizations, putting up professional teams, hosting competitions and TWL admin. His appreciation for these types of games has spanned time from Sega Rally through the Colin McRae series all the way to DiRT 2.0.