Dirt 2.0 Competition Launch

Announcing the launch of Leaderboards and Rallycross support for Dirt2.0


Opening competition

DiRT 2.0 offers unparalleled realism and excitement in the universe of racing games. We're thrilled to announce a series of DiRT 2.0 events that provide a unique hybrid of on and offline experiences for racing fans that will challenge and entertain everyone from those who dabble through to the most seasoned drivers.

Mixed modes

The ability to officially register track times on your own schedule is a new addition to TWL, but racing against the clock run a bit deeper than merely recording numbers as track degradation can play a role which will affect your performance; make sure you set yourself up to take advantage of this as more drivers are added to the competition.

DiRT 2.0 isn't limited to semi-offline races, it also provides an exciting experience in real time with it's multiplayer Rallycross mode which is sure to challenge even the best of drivers. As with most online racing games one must contend with the obstacles that other drivers provide, but bumping is heavily punished and often results in the failure of both competitors.

A fully integrated experience

We've already been running these events at other venues for several months and have picked up a few tips & tricks that will help make it an enjoyable experience. We're further heightening the overall effects by building out tighter integration between online, offline, website and Discord platforms. For example: your performance in an offline event can also serve seeding data which can qualify you for tournaments and the results can be reflected in near real-time on the website as well as potentially offering further integration with Discord and provide leaderboard status and alerts that can further inform you and provide more exciting options going forward. We're also inviting competitors to upload their best highlights so that we can assembled season-themed replays and also help promote individuals video streams at the same time.

Start your engines

We're kicking things off with relatively straight forward vanilla experience to start, as we collect more competitors our offering can broaden in to more specialized events: VR only, DLC support and more. Winners will have the option of submitting a mailing address to receive actual trophies for a limited time!

Get started by joining our Discord Server and reading more on the DiRT 2.0 page as well as the competition page that gives you all the steps you need to join!

Get started and try the open challenge today



Article last updated: June 24, 2021



Long time gamer and community event organizer, dox has launched several esports projects throughout his career: founding international organizations, putting up professional teams, hosting competitions and TWL admin. His appreciation for these types of games has spanned time from Sega Rally through the Colin McRae series all the way to DiRT 2.0.