TWL Autumn News

Some updates and news from Teamwarfare reporting on progress and next steps from the Autumn of 2021


Software development cycles

We've been placing good time in to building the underpinning of the TWL project: the software. Our API has grown to manage three different kinds of competitive formats, now also including an improved version of the famous ladders that TWL pioneered so many years ago! We are at the point now where we can stage some events which will allow us to play like we used to while expanding the usability of the experience based on observation and feedback. Yes, that's right: we're ready to kick the tires on some of our ladders and really nail the processes down which will bring us to exactly where we want to be.

Seeking staff

With the software reaching a level of some usable maturity, we're now engaging former admins, community members and others to build up our staff and begin writing the next chapters of TWL! If you're a writer, developer, designer, event organizer, former admin, team leader, etc. and are interested in helping out please check out our <NuxtLink to="/admin>admin page for more details and instructions on how to apply!

Battlefield 2042

The "portal" functionality is something we are very excited about here at TWL: it significantly expands the amount and types of events we can host. We are currently specifically focused on this title and keen to embrace and extend what the developers have given us to work with. Is there demand for 2v2 tanks? 12 v 12 conquest? Knives vs paddle ladders? Let us know, we want to get started!

Talk to us in Discord and let's get to the games!



Article last updated: November 12, 2021



Long time gamer and community event organizer, dox has launched several esports projects throughout his career: founding international organizations, putting up professional teams, hosting competitions and TWL admin.