Overwatch: Freeze! Don't move!

Heroes, villains, and omnics must compete for objectives around the globe. Push payloads, control points, capture flags, and re-enact legendary moments of heroism throughout Earth’s most beautiful cultural points. The game’s wide range of hero experiences and visual content keeps the game full of creative possibilities in this fast paced, teamwork focused shooter.


About the game

Let's break it down

Overwatch is a team based shooter offering exciting and colorful gameplay featuring a vast selection of heroes each with their own unique abilities and skill sets. It's up to your team to determine how to best utilize each unique hero to reign supreme. With over 30 heroes to choose from, Overwatch delivers a unique experience time and time again!

Our Competitions

Our objective is to allow players to showcase their skills by providing a wide variety of competitive outlets to team up and compete in. From ladders and leagues to tournaments and more surprises, Team Warfare Network seeks to cater to gamers of all skill levels, and to provide something new and exciting to everyone involved. Grab your friends, form a team, and join one of our competitions today.

6v6 Open Ladder

The ladder is our competitive league. You enter a team that will be placed on a ranked leaderboard (a ladder). Challenges will be issued between teams to determine who should rise and fall through the ranks.


TWL is hosting a number of traditional tournaments alongside the ladder. Teams can sign up for exclusive bragging rights against the other teams that will not affect their ladder standing.


A unique small squad tournament experience exclusive to Team Warfare Network. Squad up and fight your way through the dungeon to compete for the ultimate prize!

Get involved

The best way to play is together, connect to our Discord and interact with like-minds: our network includes players, designers, programmers, admins and much more; all interested in next-level game experiences!

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Game facts

Developer Blizzard Entertainment
Engine Prometheus
Release date May 24th, 2016
Daily avg players ~212,893
Store page [playoverwatch.com]
Subreddit r/Overwatch

Our Admins


A former TWL admin and competitor with experience running and competing in ladders and leagues for the Battlefield franchise as well as Team Fortress 2. During the day Vengeance works as a mental health professional at a local non-profit and spends downtime in the woods or exploring the world!


A humble hearth of inspiration, Chef finds the plays where nobody looks. His team is coordinated, friendly, and well-dressed for any map. The Dungeon is his domain.