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ARMA 3: open-world, realism-based tactical military shooter

Strategy. Action. Suspense. Arma 3 promises these and more, providing you with all of the tools necessary to make your foray into the sprawling island of Altis as immersive and intense as you desire.


About the game

No HP. No Powerups. All Technique.

No matter where your skills lie, regardless of what abilities you bring to the playing field, Arma 3 delivers a role for you. Chopper pilots, recon units, support teams, technicians, tank operators and more will find plenty of room here to flex their capabilities. Use all available resources and skill sets to build on your team's strengths and overcome formidable enemies. From the desert sands of Almyra all the way to the mountains surrounding Oreokastro, no two skirmishes will ever be the same.

Our Competitions

Our goal at Team Warfare Network is to provide the opportunity to experience something truly unique within Arma 3. While it may take time to pinpoint exactly what that experience may be, we believe that starting from a position of creative thinking and focusing on player-driven gameplay is a good hundred meters in the right direction. Our unique and exclusive campaigns and missions will provide you the freedom to experiment and try different strategies without obstruction.

The 13:30 Incident

Join in on a living, two-sided campaign in which the outcomes of each battle determine where and how the next encounter takes place.

Thin Ground

In this expansive single mission, multiple sides battle to maintain control on the island of Stratis by protecting their assets while simultaneously taking control over key locations across the battlefield.

Neochori Under Fire

Bring your close quarter combat skills to this enclosed warzone, where retreat is never an option and two teams battle for control over 5 sectors.

Get involved

We believe that the best way to play is to play together! Connect to our Discord and interact with like-minds. Our network includes players, designers, programmers, admins and much more, all interested in next-level game experiences!

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Game facts

Developer Bohemia Interactive
Engine Real Virtuality 4
Release date September 12th, 2013
Daily avg players ~20,000
Store page [steampowered.com]
Subreddit r/arma

Our Admins


Having hosted countless servers and games in the past, Polykatana always carries an obsessive vision for his projects that some can only describe as "manic," "too ambitious," and "No way that's going to work. You're better off just developing a new game. Wait... stop... please don't cry." He enjoys cooking, the great outdoors, and spending time with his family.