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The New Devil's Assassins Team Profile

The New Devil's Assassins
Email: thenewdevilsassassins at gmail dot com
IRC Channel: 
IRC Server: 
Status: Active
Founder: [DA]SOULJA80
Description: From the broken buildings and cracked houses of Impact to the make-shift shacks of Shantytown featured in AA3 rises The New Devil's Assassins. We're a dedicated group of individuals who have stuck it out through thick or thin to fight for what we deem important, Fun Times Gaming.

We are now making our bones in Battlefield 3 and are actively seeking new members and admins. Drop us a line at our website or shoot us an email.
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TWL® NA Time: 4/17/2014 11:51:18 PM
TWL® EU Time: 4/18/2014 5:51:18 AM

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