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Dark Knights Squadron- Team Profile

Dark Knights Squadron-
Email: general dot snake at att dot net
IRC Channel: 
IRC Server: 
Status: Active
Founder: -|DKS|-General.Snake
Description: Dark Knights Squadron"

-|DKS|- Dedication
-|DKS|- Power and Deception
-|DKS|- Great Records
-|DKS|- Battlefield 3 Servers
-|DKS|- TS3 w/back up server
-|DKS|- Simply the best bf series clan around

Founded in 2001, on BF42- Wake demo. We dedicated ourselves on one thing, winning. From CAL, TWL, TGL, MLG, and Squadgames we played on all fronts, 2v2 Jets, 2v2 Tanks, 5v5 Infantry, 8v8 Conquest, 12v12 Conquest, and 15v15 Conquest. We played BFV, BF2, BF2142, BFBC2 and now BF3. We are a Pro Gaming Community, with a record of 2,339 wins and 490 losses.

We require a good amount of play time. We ask that people keep a cool head on their shoulders; it is a game and you should have fun. Age limit doesn't matter as long as you are mature.

If you think you have what it takes to be in Dark Knights Squadron, follow the directions below:

1. Register as Memeber on Site
2. Complete the Application in the forums
3. Connect to our Teamspeak 3 server.
4. Speak with Snake about joining DKS

You can also reach us on X-fire, nick name is darkknightssquadron
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