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=)Hell Hounds(= Team Profile

=)Hell Hounds(=
Email: twl at hhclan dot com
IRC Channel: 
IRC Server: 
Status: Active
Founder: SgtWoopAss
Description: Founded in Dec. 2011, =)Hell Hounds(= is a PC Gaming clan that primarily focuses on the FPS genre but we play other games as well. =)HH(= was the result of a breakaway from our old clan whose ideals had shifted away from a democracy to a dictatorship. Although not perfect, =)HH(= is run as fairly and evenly as possible. Everyone’s voice is equal, no one person’s opinion is any more valid then the next so that everyone gets their say in all aspects of clan life.
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GamerModz - Design Your Gear

TWL® NA Time: 9/2/2014 2:48:44 PM
TWL® EU Time: 9/2/2014 8:48:44 PM

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