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Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 3

NA Leagues - Season 2

** Match Nights **

Tuesday - SnD HardCore
Wednesday - SnD BareBones

** Match Time **
10:00 EST

Maps List and Match Dates:

Week #MapSnD HardCoreSnD BareBones


  • Matches are created each week, using a Swiss Scheduling system, this ensures that top ranked teams play each week.

  • Matches will be posted no more than (2) days following the previous week being completed.

  • Pre-Season play is encouraged, but not required. Rankings after Pre-Season carry over into Week 1 of Regular Season, records are cleared.

  • New Teams may be added until the night of the Week 2 match. After Week 2, teams will only be added to facilitate an even number of competing teams. However, there will be no make-up matches allowed for late joining teams.

  • Rosters will lock following the Week 6 Match. No new members may be added after Week 6. Rosters do NOT unlock between regular season and playoffs.

  • In the event there is an odd number of active teams in the league the team with the lowest points total, who has not yet received a bye, will have a bye week. We will strive our utmost to make sure this doesn’t happen.

  • There will be a 1 week break after the conclusion of the Regular Season. The Size and/or Number of playoff Brackets will be determined as the season progresses. Map List and Playoff Schedule will be announced during the BYE week.

Server and Side Selection:

  • Both teams need to post Server IP as soon as possible. Being home or visiting team has no obligation to "provide a server or forfeit".

  • The higher ranked team is considered the Home team for any League match.

  • Teams will knife for side choice, the home team will get server choice.

    • If for some reason the other team has a server issue, the match must be moved to away teams listed server.

    • if no team has a legit server to play in, the match will be killed and no point awarded.

  • Home team must announce in match comms at least 48 hours before the match if they want server selection. They must give server info at this time. If they fail to post server info, away team will get server choice.

Match Comms:

  • Teams may agree to change the following in Match Comms:

    • Match Time

    • Match Date (match MUST be played no later than 1 day following assigned date, but can be played anytime before assigned date)

  • Any changes MUST be agreed by BOTH teams in comms. If agreement does not appear in Comms, it will not be recognized by any admin.


  • Theater Mode is required for all players including preseason. If you cant/wont turn on theater mode, you are not legal to play the match and it could result in your team being removed from the league. UAC 3 is also required, Teams may find the ID by using the method found here

  • Players are required to have both a Steam Community ID (SCID), SteamID and UAC ID listed in their profile. The SCID must be in Numerical form. No custom url’s will be accepted.

  • Players must be on roster by the day before match with a proper SCID and SteamID to play.

  • No player can play on 2 different teams, in the same league, at the same time, for any reason.

  • You can leave 1 team to go to another, but you can't then go back to your original team. See Smurfing Rule

  • If your match is to be casted, you can't refuse, and we will facilitate getting the casters whatever they need to have a successful cast.

Ranking System:

  • After the match finishes, the Winning Team should post the final score in Match Comms, or submit a dispute, if warranted.

  • The Losing Team, then, either reports the score (confirming what was posted), or submits a dispute, if warranted.

  • If a match goes into OT, do NOT report the match, just post in match comms, Team X won in OT so we can report it properly.

  • Winning A Match = 5 Points

  • Losing A Match = 2 Points

  • No Show:
    • The 'winning' Team is awarded 5 Points and 12 Rounds Won (For SD League), 5 Points and 7 Rounds Won (For CTF League).

    • The 'losing' Team is removed from the league. Once removed, this team is allowed one reinstatement, only if a request is sent to an admin.

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