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TWL Retired Staff
11-14-2011 02:18 PM / profile

Since we have a few moments I would like to go over what ID's will be required for ladders/leagues/tournaments.

They are as follows:

-UACID <--this will be needed to join any competition

The STEAMID and SCID alot of you prolly have on your account already. For those that need these 2 particular ID's then please see the following link and it will show you how to get the necessary ID's.

UAC will be the Anti-Cheat Program we will be using for MW3. Please see the following post on how to get the UACID:

You have any questions feel free to ask.

Lets get the proper ID's listed on your account so that there is no issues when competition kicks off.
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TWL Member
02-13-2012 08:24 PM / profile

first link is broken
TWL Member
03-06-2012 09:35 PM / profile

Originally posted by: JustNATE
first link is broken
TeamWarfare Vet
TWL Retired Staff
03-13-2012 07:22 PM / profile

You can get your steam id from here:

Then enter your steam id in the search bar instead of your profile link and it will also provide you with your scid.
TWL Member
06-09-2012 02:00 AM / profile

I was wondering how do I get my Guid I can find anything on this Identication process
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