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aka, "Kareem O Weet", Amish Jihad
11-11-2011 11:53 AM / profile

Well, this is gonna be a great addition to the franchise!

It's got the feel of T2 and great graphics.

In keeping in line with most fps shooters, it's got a rank and perk system.
The closed beta is going great and 16-20 player maps are the norm.

I'm running the game smooth as silk with no lag at all.
My specs:
Win XP Pro SP3
Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.4 OC'd to 3.0
ASUS P5E mobo
3 gigs DDR2 RAM
Radeon 4850 1 Gig, 1080 X 1024 rez with in-game settings maxed.

As you can see, this is an older system, but it's running the game without any probs at all.

Here's the link to Hi Rez Studios:

Join the closed would be worth your while.

TWL Member
11-12-2011 01:55 AM / profile

Just signed up myself, hope to see more people follow.
TWL Member
TeamWarfare Vet
11-19-2011 01:07 PM / profile

Can we get a forum section for this game?
TWL Member
11-28-2011 10:08 AM / profile

Great game, if anyone wants a beta key go to this link !, follow the steps, also have I have 1 beta key left !
TeamWarfare Vet
11-30-2011 09:35 AM / profile

good to see this for sure. miss tribes. im in the beta and its freaking sweet. skiing is a bit faster than t2 so the pace on cappers will be insane (like the t1 days) but he maps look pretty large so we'll see. definitely hope that twl suupports this game at release. i'd be interested in serving as a potential admin as my clan plans to host dedicated server support for this game.
TeamWarfare Vet
11-30-2011 08:38 PM / profile

Originally posted by: Steven_Seagal
Can we get a forum section for this game?
I don't see why not - it could take the place of the T:V forums without anyone noticing
TeamWarfare Vet
Retired Sr. Staff
12-01-2011 09:56 AM / profile

We're not quite a the new forum level just yet, but keep the discussion going. It's being watched.
TWL Member
TeamWarfare Vet
12-01-2011 07:14 PM / profile

Right now there's been at least 5 topics in the T:V section half of them resulting in people bickering about which flavor of tribes makes someone better at T:A.

It'd be cool to have a forum so we can organize and talk about something constructive, also it might generate more interest for the game.
TWL Member
TWL Contributor
12-14-2011 10:30 PM / profile

I've pubbed it on my Dell XPS 15 without any issues at all, so it works well on about any setup thats half decent. If a $1k laptop can run it, anything can on a desktop.
TWL Member
01-05-2012 03:41 AM / profile

This game is amazing. It's already being played by some pro's. Can't wait to see what TWL has in store for it.
TWL Member
03-17-2012 12:45 AM / profile

I think that having a decent community and ladder available at launch or soon after will help build a decent community.

It would be a shame for what happened to T:V to happen again.

Hopefully free-to-play will get enough people to try it, and some good competition will keep them active.
"Chain Whore"
03-19-2012 02:38 PM / profile

Really hoping that TWL gets a forum and such setup soon. With launch in April and apparently priv servers at same time or very shortly after the ladder options for this game or abysmal. (Beyond Gaming that HiRez pushed is a terrible terrible site)
TeamWarfare Vet
03-23-2012 11:36 AM / profile

almost felt like I was watching a halo/UT game other then a T2 kinda game...

free to plays, something about em i dislike.
Old Timer
TeamWarfare Vet
03-26-2012 08:04 AM / profile

Full release is scheduled for April 12th. Open beta going on now, and the servers are busy!

Best game I've seen since T2!
TWL Member
03-28-2012 03:45 PM / profile

TeamWarfare Vet
Retired Sr. Staff
03-30-2012 12:23 PM / profile

Tribes Ascend forum is up here.
TeamWarfare Vet
04-05-2012 09:20 AM / profile

The T:A forum link you posted is not working. What happened?
TWL Member
04-10-2012 04:50 AM / profile

No ladders yet? wtf?
TeamWarfare Vet
04-13-2012 03:37 PM / profile

I understand that there are no private servers as yet but would be nice to get some things going and get teams setup for it. Is there a chance of getting it started?
TeamWarfare Vet
TWL Retired Staff
04-13-2012 11:08 PM / profile

Until there is some mechanism for private matches, and knowing if there will be servers and how they are going to work, things like rulesets and configs cant be worked out for competition.

People should get on Hi Rez to get some sort of dedicated server support up and running. They supposidly have been working on it but nothing has been forthcoming.
TeamWarfare Vet
04-16-2012 02:40 PM / profile

HiRez and whitelisted beta testers are already working out rulesets. Private servers are visible and locked in game but expected to be released within a few weeks for public to then rent their own. The sneak preview here shows just some of the features (all menu driven) so people can tailor their server settings to any league/ruleset they have.

I know that: has a league already is also setting up a ladder/league

Would love to see a TWL ladder formed. It might help bring back more original T1/T2 vets/teams into competition.

But TWL better hurry and start setting up. Otherwise all the real teams will be on different ladders already.


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