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TWL Member
11-18-2010 08:44 AM / profile

Hello i still don't understand how to install TWL script in to server. I use the notes, but when I come in and write the pb_cvarlist it says that there is no cvar violations. So it is good or bad, i can't understand.
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TWL Retired Staff
11-18-2010 11:35 AM / profile

first check that your server is listed in here

Upload the TWL pbsvuser.cfg and pbsvgame.cfg to your "/System/pb" (or your gameservers pb folder)
and restart the server

When scripts are running there should shown 'AA3 TWL PB Scripts by -ACI- v7.08.10' text with 8min interval on console (press F12).
Also this pb_cvarlist command should work.

ps: pb_cvarlist shows only scipt cvar checks values not any violations. If you wanna see violations then go to your server /System/pb folder and check sv_viol.log file.
TWL Member
11-18-2010 01:09 PM / profile

Yeah this one 'AA3 TWL PB Scripts by -ACI- v7.08.10' works as you say . And the command is working, when i wrote her it says that there is no violations, so server is ready for TWL?
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TWL Retired Staff
11-18-2010 01:52 PM / profile

If you let me know the server IP I will verify scripts if you are streaming or not
TWL Retired Staff
11-18-2010 02:04 PM / profile

And just remember to restart the punkBuster after map change.
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