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TeamWarfare Vet
TWL Retired Staff
02-11-2011 06:58 PM / profile


So, we have decided to break up our prizes accordingly for the season: the top 4 teams will be given our Valve promotional gear (T-shirt, hats, posters - $700 worth of stuff). The winner of Division 1 will have the first pick of our items, and will be awarded the largest number of items. The second place team will be given less items, and will receive the second pick, and the third and fourth place teams will receive 6 items a piece, and will select from the remaining items.

The top 4 teams in Division 2 will be given Art of War Central server credits - $500 in total, to be split among the winners. First place will be given $200 of credit, second will receive $150, third $100, and finally fourth place will receive $50 credit.

That being said, we are officially taking Division 1 placement requests. If your team wants to play in Division 1, please make a post here, or let an admin know, via IRC, email, or Steam if you have us on your friends! We are limiting Division 1 to 8 teams only, so space is limited, and we may select teams based on past league performances, if more than 8 apply.

Contact info is below if you need to reach me (or other admins).

Cheers, and frag hard!

Email: /
Steam: (NSFW language)
IRC: #twl_tf2 on
TeamWarfare Vet
TWL Retired Staff
02-17-2011 07:59 PM / profile

I'd just like to make a quick note that we've received and overwhelming number of requests for teams to be placed in Division 1. We are going to review all the teams requested over the weekend, and the "top 16" will be placed into Division 1. Apologies to any teams that do not make it into Div 1 - we can only move so many teams up in order to keep competition even and competitive through all divisions.

Hit me up if you have any questions (or would like to request a certain division.)
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