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ACM - MavRic
Senior Staff

09-10-2009 01:53 PM / profile

Setting up streaming to Punksbusted is a bit of a pain, so I will try to help get you going.

What you will need is:

* An FTP Client
* FTP Access To Your Server

First, resister with Punksbusted Forums

Second, after registering on the forums, you need to sign up as an admin. Admin Registration

While you are waiting, visit The Downloads to get the pb files you need. In the "pbsvlog.cfg" file you will need to enter your PsB Clan ID. and upload all files to your pb folder on your server. You will also need to make "pbbans.dat" file, I use a blank notepad saved as "pbbans.dat" and upload it to your pb folder.

All applications are manually approved and can take up to three days to approve. So while your waiting, you can set up Auto-MBL and install it to your computer then start the program. Follow these steps:

1. Click on the "Configuration Tab" and choose "Settings".

2. Click "Add" and enter your server info:

2a. Enter a name for your server.

2b. Enter which game by choosing from the menu.

2c. Enter the server's Ip address, the port for FTP is usually 21, Enter your account username and password.

2d. Now the tricky part of entering the "PB Location since server companies do this different. What I will do is give examples from the server companies I have worked with.

Gameserver = /username/cod4/pb/

Nuclearfallout = /pb/

You can contact me if you need help with this.

2e. Check "Enable PASV Mode".

2f. Under RCON settings enter your server Ip, Port and RCON password.

Cross your fingers and click on "Test Remote FTP/Local File Settings. If your good, you will get a message stating that your pbbans.dat file was found.

Click "OK" and make sure to enter your PsB Clan Id and password on the bottom of the Auto-MBL box. At the top of the Auto-MBL box, check "hourly" and change the time to NOW and click "OK".

Now click on "Update Ban List Now". If you get any error codes, look here:


By now, your app should have been approved and you can go to your account, login and enter your server:


1. Click on "Membership" then "Update" and enter your info. At the bottom, click on "Update".

This should be it! It can take 24 or more hours for your server to show it's streaming so keep checking.

PbBans is a bit less complex to setup. Follow these steps after you have setup your account with PbBans.

- The only flag that must be ticked is the 'TeamWarfare' checkbox under 'Enhanced League Options' all the other flags are at the server admin's digression (see this page for details on flag meanings) but will only apply if TWL profile is not applied (see readme.txt file of server configurations). By applying the TeamWarfare flag the TWL MBL is automatically enforced when the TWL profile is applied
- Don't forget to restart your server!

1. I use HLSW for my RCON needs. Just enter these commands in the HLSW Console.

... wait 90 seconds
pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use
... wait 20 seconds
pb_sv_task 10 4000 pb_sv_ver
pb_sv_usessionlimit 16
pb_sv_autoupdban 1
pb_sv_uconempty // (2) (11)

add this to the bottom of your "pbsvlog.cfg" file:

;PB UCON Settings / Lists
pb_sv_usessionlimit 16
pb_sv_ucontimeout 300
pb_sv_uconmaxsendrate 16
pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub1 pbbanshub

Keep checking your pbbans account for your streaming server.

Anti-Cheat Manager
TeamWarfare League

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