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TWL Member
12-26-2010 05:21 PM / profile

I have an issue with call of duty 4. This is the first time I have had this issue since owning cod4. When I load cod4 multiplayer its fine at start up, now when i click join game to browse servers it crashes to desk top. windows error message is Iw3mp.exe has stopped working. I am running windows vista 32 bit. any suggestions and ideals are needed thank you...

TWL Member
12-26-2010 05:40 PM / profile

update pb
TeamWarfare Vet
12-26-2010 05:42 PM / profile
TWL Member
12-26-2010 05:53 PM / profile

I updated Pb and tried to run cod4 and it didnt work its still crashing to desktop.....
TeamWarfare Vet
TWL Retired Staff
12-27-2010 05:49 PM / profile

are you running the game as an adminstrator?
TWL Member
03-26-2011 03:45 AM / profile

Orb>Control Panel>Sound>Recording Tab>(Right Click on Main Sound device) Show Disabled Devices> Enable Line In> Change name of Line In to Stereo Mix
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