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09-15-2003 01:28 PM / profile

Welcome to TeamWarfare League™

The Administrative and Senior Staff works hard to provide you with the best competitive atmosphere we can. There are a few guidelines and processes that should be followed that will make our lives, and yours, as easy as possible!

Please post all general topic threads in the General Forums. This is a TeamWarfare League™ Game Forum, so please, let's keep it that way. Please heed admin warnings or suggestions, and nobody gets hurt.

  • Posting Outwar links or links like them will warrant a permanent ban.
  • Ignoring staff warnings or testing patience / boundaries.
  • Racism
  • Posting information not pertinent to the thread with the sole purpose of derailing the discussion (trolling).
  • Flaming will not be tolerated here. If you want to have a "heated" discussion with your opponents, that's what rantboards are available for, not the General forum.
  • Troublemaking. Starting problems for the sake of stirring up waves will get you removed.
  • Porn, nudity, links to porn will not be tolerated. We are not a thumbnail gallery nor are we a link database. If you're that hard up, Google your way to happiness.
  • Abuse to staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The staff are volunteers, but they didn't volunteer to take your abuse.
  • Abuse to other TeamWarfare members will not be tolerated either.
  • Using our forum to promote some other gaming league / ladder or server rentals will earn a lock, deletion and ban (not necessarily in that order).
  • Posting links to cheats and cheat websites.
  • Posting for someone who is banned can warrant up to a site ban. Additionally, creating a new account to post if you have been banned is strictly prohibited.
  • Creating "Free" banned member threads.
  • Quoting someone, then editing their quote in an attempt to make them look bad or get them banned.
  • Advertising in the forums will get you banned. This includes the promotion of any type of site, period. If you want to link to your site in your sig, that's fine, but that's it. If you have something of interest that you think you'd like to post, then ask permission first.

  • Blatant stupidity.
  • Flaming and usless insults. This may result in a ban.
  • Cheat accusations. Email your game admin or anti-cheat team with this stuff.
  • Duplicate threads - by that I mean creating a new thread on a topic already covered in an existing thread. Stay on topic in the original thread and you can avoid this sort of thing.
  • Discussing methods used to aid in the illegal proliferation of copyrighted material is not allowed. If you want to make a political statement by declaring your resolve in not purchasing MP3 music is one thing, but discussing methods on the distribution of such will get your thread locked or deleted. Making a habit if this will get you banned.
  • Threads discussing current or past Disputes. The forums is NOT the place for this.


  • Your signature needs to follow the guidelines set down by us which are posted in the General Forum. The sticky "SIGNATURE GUIDELINES" thread lists all sig criteria. We have people that are on 56k (yes, it's true!). Some viewers (including almost all staff) visit this site at work as well.


  • Take forum moderations and match issues up with your ladder or league admin. You can view the list in our Staff Page
  • If the Ladder/League Admin does not give you the answer you want to hear, then talk to the ladder's Lead Admin
  • If the Lead Admin doesn't give you the answer you want to hear, then talk to the Competition Managers
  • The Competition Director is the end of the line for all ladder and forum issues, but if you decide to skip the Competition Director, it's going to be sent right to them for handling.

  • Any Non-Ladder concerns, such as admins being abusive toward players, or admins abusing their admin status, or if you attempted to email an admin and got no response, please email with these concerns. This is the Quality Control department, and needs to be made aware of these issues.
  • Please don't bring your specific match issues into the forums. Give the admin staff a chance to solve your problem before you try airing dirty laundry.

  • IRC: #twl_et on is the Official home of TWL ET

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