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01-20-2012 12:21 PM / profile

New Battlefield 3 Ladders Opening!

With the official launch of BF3 at TeamWarfare League, new ladders are ready for signup. Once we have 15 teams for each ladder they will open to challenges. So sign your team up, contact other teams and clans and get the competition going!

Play on any one, or all three, of our exciting new ladders:
  • 6v6 Fast Attack Infantry Only - Play up tempo matches pitting the best of your ground attack players against each other.

  • 8v8 Hardcore Rush - Hardcore game play with the needed teamwork for BF Rush.

  • 8v8 Hardcore Team Deathmatch - Keep on your toes staying alive to show the last man standing in HC TDM!

Good luck soldiers and get the word out for Battlefield 3 Competition at TWL. The more teams, the better!

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